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My sessions currently are via telephone, Zoom, WhatsApp or Walk and Talk therapy.

Face to Face will resume when safe to do so.

Walk and Talk Sessions

walk and talk

I also offer Walk and Talk therapy, being out in the fresh air can offer you more freedom to talk, it can reduce anxiety and can improve physical health. It’s a way of connecting safely together and, for some, can feel a more natural way of working giving you freedom to be able to express yourself as we’re walking alongside each other. Our ever-changing weather can add to the sessions but there are always alternative ways of working should you wish.

Initially, we will have a meeting online, so we can discuss if this would be something you would like to explore.

helen at work
walk and talk
motor 2
motor 1

Face to Face Sessions

When we are allowed to meet again in-person, my workspace is a motorhome, which is a wonderful, calm space to meet in.

Telephone, Zoom and WhatsApp Sessions

This option has become necessary during Covid-19, and many people enjoy this option.

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